Havianas Thong Vending Machines

Havianas Thong Vending

France has them for baguettes, Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport has them for welcome home banners, and now the vending machine fun arrives on the shores of Australia. We’re not talking a machine full of boomerangs or koalas.

The world famous Brazilian flip-flop manufacturer, Havaianas, have made their rubbery comfort much, MUCH easier to buy. There are now a handful of official vending machines located around Sydney, Australia and its suburbs, primarily in shopping centers. With a sizing chart sticker on the ground, customers can pick from a variety of colors and four different sizes, naturally after sliding their credit card for $20.

Time-strapped, beach-bound customers can choose from black, navy, orange, pink and white to better coordinate their outfits. The vending machines are set to expand to even more Australian cities in the coming months. This is definitely a good thing, since ‘thongs’ are quintessential Aussie footwear.

Though it may seem crazy, flip flop vending machines are actually the least wild of vending machine ideas we’ve lately heard. After all, there are ones selling marijuana in Santa Ana, Ca, sex toys in UK pubs, and gold bars for well-heeled travelers to Abu Dhabi. We will just stick with the footwear…for now.