Lettuce Vending Machines

Lettuce Vending Machine In Japan

This $90,000 vending machine called “The Chef’s Farm” can grow 60 heads of lettuce a day using florescent light bulbs.

This is how we shall grow produce in the post-apocalyptic future

Finally – a vending machine that will guarantee we can still grow vegetables in the dark, after a nuclear holocaust has blocked out the sun or rampaging zombies have taken over our farmland. This Japanese lettuce-growing vending machine has been making the blog-rounds over the last few months, both because it doesn’t require sunlight (it uses fluorescent bulbs) and because of the surprising yield it can churn out: 60 heads a day, or over 20,000 a year.

Obviously, shining twelve 40 watt bulbs on a shelf of seeds in the vending machine isn’t the most efficient way to grow veggies, and there’s no word on just how much water these ‘nutri-culture’ beds consume to pump out the lettuce at such a rapid clip – and there’s no word on the quality or nutritional value of the lettuce either. I suppose it would cut down on delivery emissions, but not much more than using locally-sourced produce.