In order to ensure you can take your time to assess the contract, please click on the links below. Once you have had a moment to look through them, give us a call and we can respond to any queries you have. We have listed further details regarding our terms and conditions and policies below these.

We can visit your business and estimate the needs of your site. It’s all about full transparency. If you need us to quote or propose a way forward for your particular situation, please feel free to ask.  We’ve been doing this for years and know exactly what is needed.


General Policies 

Privacy Policy:

All details, collected either through electronic, manual or verbal channels will be stored privately. No sharing of any information regarding contractual obligations, personal details, commission structures or business related policies, terms and conditions will occur. Where details are required to be presented to a third party for the carrying out of standard functions related to the vending machines within your facility, they will be done under the same privacy policy.

We employ several staff dedicated to both the servicing and management of our machines and as such they will be notified and be privy to the details associated with fulfilling the contractual obligations.

Security Policy:

As we do not offer online transactional capacity, we do not offer any form of SSL security on our website.

All information however gathered, is stored independently on our own database and is protected by standard firewall software available to the marketplace.

Several machines currently available are managed through remote messaging. As such any data relating to stock levels will be provided through a secure software associated with remote monitoring of stock where applicable.

Delivery and Shipping 

The provision of new machines onsite is dependent on the availability of these machines coupled with the access provided by the business to position the machine. All efforts are made to ensure that the machine is provided on-time and in the agreed condition. We will endeavor to complete all deliveries of machines within 1 week of the signing of any contract.

Delivery and filling machines with stock: Your machine will be filled immediately on its first siting. Thereafter filling  is based on a weekly (sometimes twice weekly) schedule. This is dependent on the emptying rate of the machine or on the basis of client demand. We look to ensure all machines and product types available within each machine is always available.

Payment Policy 

As Activend contracts require us to pay you, the following applies. We pay all clients on a quarterly basis by either EFT or CHEQUE. We do not pay merchants or businesses by cash. All businesses will receive a RECIPIENT INVOICE attached to the payment. For all payments deposited, please be aware of the standard delays associated with local banking processes. Proof of payment may be requested by the business at any stage.


Returns, Warranties and Guarentees

Machines: The vending machines remain the property of Activend. All machines are therefore under private warranty and guarantee. In the event that  machine has been rendered inoperable or dysfunctional for technical reasons (and is unable to be fixed onsite by our technical crew) and cannot meet the needs of the business in such a state, the machine will be removed from site (at no cost to the company) and replaced with a similar machine within a reasonable period of time (we aim for a maximum of 1 week, however it seldom reaches this length).

Product: We guarantee the freshness of the products we store within the machines.  As such, any product found to be defective, or is currently being supplied outside of its expiry date, holds a 200% returns guarantee ( in other words, we will reimburse the consumer 2 times the original price paid for the item). As we are constantly monitoring stock levels and product quality, we are pleased to note that this action has yet to occur.

Service: We manage our machines weekly. Machines require on average, refilling once per week. In the instance where machines are not emptying at this rate, Activend will refill less often. Several machines may from time to time empty faster as a result of higher traffic flows through the business and as such, we encourage the business owners to contact us immediately should the product volumes either be close to complete or fully out of stock. In either instance, our team will look to respond within a few hours or at the very latest, within 24 hours of receiving notification.

Service Quality: We value strong personal relationships with our clients. We guarantee you a pleasant and friendly interaction with our team. Where you believe you have been treated in either a disrespectful or inappropriate manner, please notify us immediately. We are intolerant of such interactions and all actions will be taken to ensure the matter is handled in accordance with our internal service standards agreed to by all staff.