Time Saving Vending

The #1 Timesaver

Many people work in places where it is difficult to leave to walk down the road, locate a store or takeaway or fast food outlet, order their breakfast or lunch and get back to work on time.

The typical lunch break isn’t usually long enough to walk, queue, wait for the meal to be prepared and walk back.

To those workers who persist in finding that elusive (and crowded) place there is the risk of being late and earning the discontent of an employer and work colleagues.

Employers want their workers to be looked after health wise but at the same time accumulated late minutes add up over a week or a month and can contribute to a costly loss in productivity.

Enter the vending machine: the number one time saver in the workplace. It is ideal for places such as office blocks, construction sites and work sites, school staff rooms, university study rooms, train and bus stops, mechanical workshops, factories, car rental offices.

Beyond the work place a vending machine is idea for places where people will gather, seven days a week, and there are no food or drink stores nearby. Consider a tourist lookout, sports ground, community park, camping ground.

ACTIVEND has the technology and the widest range of products to suit all of these locations.