Pizza Vending Machine

The Age of Vending Machines

Here in Australia we’re used to seeing vending machines with chocolates, drinks and snacks. (Although ACTIVEND vending machines contain a lot more than this including our fresh and healthy product range). But the worldwide love affair for vending machines is seeing an amazing transformation.

For example, in Italy you can order a pizza which is baked in two minutes in the vending machine. In the US vending machines deliver anything from medication, beauty products, personal care items, glasses and floppy hats to phones, mini DVD players and Nintendo DS! Over there a new phrase has emerged – the auto retail kiosk. Department stores in the US now dispense iPods from vending machines.

The only limitation is the size of the items and the space where they are delivered to the customer meaning vending machines in Australia in the future could store anything you can imagine.

ACTIVEND has access to the latest-generation vending machines in the world which means when Australians are ready to order more than snacks and drinks from a vending machine…we’ll be ready to serve them.