Healthy Choices & Favourite Treats

Muesli Bars & Microwave Lunches to The ‘Afternoon Pick Me Up’

ASnack Vending MachineCTIVEND offers 100 choices of healthy meals and snacks plus popular chocolates, chips, microwave meals, fruit, nuts and so much more…all conveniently available from one (or more) of our advanced snack vending machines.

The first thing you will notice is the modern, aesthetically appealing design with its extra-large viewing window and bright LED lighting. No advertising or signage, just a sleek cabinet. The big window makes it easier to select your favourite snack.

Selecting your snack only takes a few seconds with the touch screen or backlit keypad. The latest gravity or elevator system ensure smooth and swift delivery of each item. ‘Dual spirals’ prevent soft packets such as chips and nuts from becoming jammed. The elevator-type selector swiftly and safely retrieves everything from microwave meals to bags, cardboard boxes and foil wrapped bars with ease.

How would you like to pay for your snack? We accept coins, notes (offering change) as well as cards for a quick and straight forward purchase.

Encourage people to make certain purchases at specific times of the day with “time of day discounting” – you are able to lower pricing on a choice of snacks for a set duration. You can announce “Happy Hour” using the programmable message board.

Adjustable trays allow for the maximum number of products to be stored. The trays suit the variety of sizes and shapes of our nationally produced products. Remote monitoring alerts ACTIVEND to replenish products as quantities are reduced.

Eco-friendly chilling and refrigeration technology can be separated so that each range of products has its own dedicated temperature zone for optimum freshness.

ACTIVEND snack vending machines are designed to fit through standard doorways and with footprints as compact as 104 x 97cm they can be placed almost anywhere.

Advanced technology ensures lower energy costs:

  • Motor pairing (2 vending machines powered by 1 motor)
  • Class leading insulated cabinets and doors
  • Low-E triple pane Argon filled glass door
  • Eco-friendly refrigeration
  • Time of day shut down mode
  • Balanced air flow
  • LED lighting (don’t require changing of bulbs

ACTIVEND will deliver, install, fill, clean and service your drink vending machine free of charge.



  • Std. Selections    Up to 60 items
  • Std. Capacity    Varies with tray configuration
  • Payment Systems    All Industry standard MDB compatible devices
  • Communication Protocols    DEX/UCS
  • Std. Features    GVC2 Controller, LED Lighting, iVend® Sensor System, Can & Bottle Trays, Heated Glass


  • Height – 1830 mm
  • Width – 1040 mm
  • Depth – 970 mm
  • Shipping Weight – 442 kg*

*Varies with tray configuration

Electrical Systems    

  • 230 VAC/50Hz, 4.8 AMPS;
  • With Heated Glass: 230 VAC/50Hz, 5.2 AMPS
  • Refrigeration – Super 1/3 HP, R134a Closed System

NOTE: Selections, capacities and weight vary depending on model and configuration.

Additional Features

New Full Featured Global Vending Controller and Operator Interface

  • DEX data output support
  • Bright LED Lighting displays
  • Sales and accounting features
    • Price setting by selection
    • Free vend and Combo vend modes
    • Flexible space to selection setting
    • Time of day discounting
    • Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings and secured vend times
    • Programmable point of sale messages
    • Programmable coupon and token values
    • Patent pending coin & bill acceptance rate monitor

Most Versatile Product Trays on the Market

  • Thousands of configuration choices in one snack vending machine
  • Lightweight, steel reinforced plastic shelves provide years of trouble free service
  • Mix and match merchandising is a snap with our adjustable selection dividers
  • Optional high capacity helixes, dual helixes and gum & mint options
  • Satellite food capable – connect a USI add-on Combi, refrigerated or frozen food vendor for expanded food service

Profit Building Features

  • Optional LED spot lighting option provides superior product merchandising and reduces energy use by 73% over fluorescent models
  • iVend® guaranteed delivery sensor system keeps customers satisfied and reduces service calls for misloaded product
  • High capacity selections reduce stops
  • Sturdy steel construction with durable powder coat painted surfaces for years of service