“Fresh & Healthy”…Sweet Favourites…Refreshing Drinks.

The Healthy Choice In Snack & Drink Vending Machines.

  • Exclusive “Fresh & Healthy” menu
  • Biggest Range of Nationally Branded Products
  • “Your Choice” Customised Product Range
  • Guaranteed Fresh
  • “Happy Hour” Option
  • Fast, Simple Purchasing (Coins, Notes, Credit card)
  • Select Up To 60 Products Per Vending Machine*
  • Remotely Monitored
  • Regular Product Refills
* depending on vending machine type

The next time your staff “get the munchies”, start the day early or work back late they can quickly and conveniently select a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snack or drink from an ACTIVEND snack, drink or combo vending machine.

We stock anything from:

  • cereal and fruit juice to…
  • microwave rice dish or tuna lunch kit to…
  • raw nuts, muesli bars and rice crackers to…
  • fruit, nut bars and vegi’ chips to…
  • bottled water, energy drinks and diet soft drink.

Of course, for those with a sweet tooth there’s the full range of chocolate bars, mints and chewy confectionary. Or if you prefer something savoury with the press of a button you can be snacking away on chips, corn chips, savoury biscuits or pretzels.

ACTIVEND vending machines are available with snack, drink and combo’ configurations to provide your business with the widest variety of nationally branded products you know and trust.

Why lose time walking down the road or driving to the nearest shop when in just 60 seconds you can select a fresh and tasty food or drink at a competitive price.

Why not offer your staff “Happy Hour” discounts to encourage them to utilise the convenience of the vending machine instead of wasting time and money leaving the work place in search of food or drink?! We can program your vending machine to lower its prices for a determined time – once a day, once a week or whenever you prefer.

We re-stock regularly for free. It’s all part of our personalised service.

“We have recently requested an audit of our vending suppliers with a view to comparing the various industry giants. The audit was conducted as a result of a full service and and supplier revision in our company. It was a unanimous decision after receiving proposals from various large players in the industry that ACTIVEND ticked every box. We are extremely happy.”