“Your Choice” – You Decide What’s On The ‘Menu’

Customised Selections At No Extra Cost

If you’ve been to our Snack Selections, Drink Selections or Healthy Selections pages you would have seen that we offer the largest variety of nationally produced products in our snack, drink and combo vending machines.

Maybe you have a favourite meal or snack or drink item which isn’t on the list? No problem. If it can be vended…we will get it for you.

You can request your own favourites now when we install the vending machine and throughout the time it is located on your premises. We are totally flexible about ordering products…the range you have at the beginning can be changed as people desire a fresh change or something different.

As we say, as long as we can source the item and it can be properly vended (either via our gravity-fed or robotic selector arm machine types) then you can request it.

Considering the fact that, in return for having an ACTIVEND snack, drink or combination vending machine on your premises we agree to pay you a commission income based on vending sales, it makes sense to change over less popular items for more popular ones throughout the year.

“Your Choice” puts you in control of your vending.


 Your Choice Of Vending Machine

“Your Choice” extends to the type of snack, drink and combo vending machine you would like on your premises. We have such a wide range of internationally sourced advanced-technology vending machines that you will easily find the right one for your premises. You might want a single machine or 2 coupled together (to save energy we can make one motor run 2 machines). Either a snacks-only vending machine or healthy choices only, drinks only, snacks and healthy choices, healthy choices and drinks, or all 3 together.

ACTIVEND remotely monitors product levels in our snack, drink and combo vending machines so you won’t run out of products. We regularly re-stock your products and provide a 2 Hour Response should you quickly require added items (for an office function).