Personalised Vending Machine Service

FREE Supply, Installation, Service, Maintenance & Re-Stocking

  • 7 Day Service
  • 2 Hour Response Time Guaranteed
  • 200% Product Refund Guarantee
  • Biggest Range of Nationally Branded Products
  • Snack, Drink & Combo Vending Machines Available

Our total service package for ACTIVEND snack, drink and combination vending machines begins with the word FREE. We believe that having a vending machine on your premises should be cost free and hassle free.

This is why we guarantee to provide the following services free of charge:

  • On site delivery
  • Installation, confirm operating correctly
  • Fill vending machine with your choice of products
  • Replenish products
  • Clean and maintain vending machine

There is no hidden catch. Free means free. The only cost to you and your work colleagues is when you make each individual purchase of a snack bar, chocolate, chips, nuts, microwave lunch, muesli slice, dried fruit, fruit juice, water or soft drink.

When it comes to food-drink items we offer the biggest range of nationally produced products. The names you know and trust.

No Complicated Paperwork

Hassle free means there is no complicated contract to sign. No exit clause. No scary, legal fine print to worry about.

With us one simple form confirms our agreement to supply you with a snack, drink or combo vending machine(s) for a certain period of time. It will only take a few minutes to complete. That’s all.

Your Choice

Not only do you get the opportunity to personally choose the food and drink items your business likes the most…from our huge menu of over 140 well known brands…you choose which type of snack, drink or combination vending machine you would like. For example, healthy choices…snacks only…snacks and drinks…snacks and healthy choices, drinks only, and so on.

Commission Income

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it!

You receive a professionally managed snack, drink or combo vending machine to provide your premises with the convenience of competitively priced food and drink products on-the-spot (no more need to leave the building and find a local store)…plus it is looked after at no cost to you…plus as a “Thank you” from us we agree to pay you commissions on all product sales.

If you operate a club, hotel, motel or sporting facility this could bring in a good secondary income. Or, you might like to donate your commission to your favourite charity?

Convenience doesn’t cost…it makes money!!!