Income Generator

The Convenient Service That PAYS You

ACTIVEND will pay you for the privilege of having our snack, drink or combination vending machine(s) on your premises.

So, not only do you receive a complete vending service which is free of charge:

  • free delivery
  • free installation
  • ree filling of products
  • free changing of “Your Choice” products
  • free cleaning and servicing
  • free maintenance
  • free 2 Hour Guarantee service call out…

…which provides your premises with the biggest range of nationally produced food and drink products at competitive prices, the convenience of always being available day and night, and a far more time-effective choice to “shop onsite” rather leave the building…

ACTIVEND agrees to pay commission income to you based on product sales.

If you operate a club, hotel, motel or sporting facility this could bring in a good secondary income. Or, you might like to donate your commission to your favourite charity?

We remotely monitor our snack, drink or combination vending machines and they electronically provide us with updates of which products are sold, how many and when. Thus, we have accurate up-to-the-minute records to calculate your “bonuses”.

Our competitive commission structure is paid quarterly. It is in Australian ($AUD) currency. ACTIVEND raises a recipient created tax invoice which is issued with each payment.

The best way to optimise this income is to take advantage of the free “Your Choice” offer whereby you can select which products you want in your vending machine. If you or others have specific favourites which are not on our extensive menu we will source them for you. If they are available and vendable (can be dispensed via our gravity or remote arm type snack, drink or combination vending machines), we will stock them.

Favourites will obviously be purchased more often – contributing to your ongoing income – and you can choose to replace “less popular” items if they are not selling well. You are in control.