Dedicated To Service Excellence

Start With FREE Service…Then It Gets Even Better!

  • Free delivery
  • Free installation
  • Free replenishment of products
  • Free cleaning and servicing
  • Free maintenance
  • Free 2 Hour Guarantee service call out

Set And Forget

Since Day One (1997), ACTIVEND has established the benchmark in service which is why we have so many long-term totally satisfied customers.

It’s all about “Set And Forget.” The ultimate in convenience.

We set up your snack, drink or combo vending machine in the right location and you can forget about it – leaving us to take care of everything.

ACTIVEND has service crews operating in all parts of Sydney every day which is how we are able to deliver rapid 2 hour response time.

We supply a new technically advanced snack, drink or combo vending machine suited to the size of your business, the number of workers and your specific menu choices. Free of charge.

We install the machine and stock it full of products. Free of charge.

We re-stock the products on a regular basis and make product changes based on your requests. Free of charge.

Should you need to call us out on a weekend we will be there because our teams work 7 days a week. Free of charge. They wear branded uniforms so they are easy to spot.

We maintain and clean your snack, drink or combination vending machine to ensure that it always operates at 100% efficiency. Free of charge.

If you are unhappy with a product after it has been purchased, we will refund twice the price of the item with our 200% Product Refund Guarantee.

If you are trying to find the “catch”…there isn’t one. It really is this good.

Actually, it gets even better. ACTIVEND will thank you for having our vending machine on your premises by paying you a commission which is a percentage of all of the products sold each quarter. Refer to Commission & Pricing.

“A quick compliment to your staff member who you have ensuring our machines are always full. Polite, well mannered and very courteous. He was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the services we outsource. Thanks.”