Healthy Snack Vending

It’s Up To You – Your Choice

Would you and your work colleagues prefer products from the “Healthy Choice“…or that plus our traditional snack and confectionery menu?

Would you like cold drinks as well?

With our wide range of vending machines we can stock all of your favourites.

Your Choice is where you get to choose.

You tell us exactly which bars, microwave lunches, chips, snacks, juice, diet drink, nuts or other products you want at your location.We organise a vending machine to deliver your combo’.

Our vending machines can have different cool zones so that each product is kept fresh at exactly the right temperature.

We can also have more than one vending machine side by side because they take up so little space.

This is a great way to extend your variety.

We can pair up two vending machines to one motor to conserve energy use too.

Your Choice allows you to change your selection…maybe the chocoholics want something new? Simple. All you do is let us know and when we make our next visit we remove the now-unpopular item(s) and replace with new one(s).

Nothing could be easier.