Snack & Combo Vending Machines in Sydney – ActiVend

We use glass fronted, refrigerated snack vending machines, which are aesthetically pleasing, and have no logos or any form of advertising stuck on them.

View information about some of the vending machines we use.

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Alpine VT5000
Alpine 5000 Elevator ADA
Merchant Combo

Summarised below are some of the features and benefits of the vending machines we use:




Dual machines

Save space

Dual spirals

Chips don’t get jammed

All motors can be coupled

We can vend a Pringles if required

Time of day discounting

Such as happy hour. Giving customers something to look out for.

Can fit through most standard doors

Machine can be put anywhere


Quality is maintained

Executive Coin Mechs and Bill Validators

Machines can accept coin, notes and smart cards

Spiral pitches easily changed

We can configure to sell noodles if necessary