No Red Tape. No Contract.

No Surprises. No Hassles.

Organising to have an ACTIVEND snack, drink or combo vending machine on your premises is very simple and there isn’t any complicated fine print or binding contract. No minimum time period. No exit clause. No fee or penalty.

One straightforward single page form – which takes just a few minutes to complete – is all that is required for us to get started.

We’re not after detailed information. Name of the business, address, a contact person, the date, the duration of having the machine on your premises (eg. 12 months or longer), the commission percentage to be paid each quarter, and a signature. Done.

Because you are not paying for anything – this is a FREE service (excluding the cost of the products in the vending machine) – we have no need to ask for financial details, guarantors, counter signatories and the like.

You simply choose your menu – which helps us determine what type of snack, drink or combo vending machine is best for you – and we arrange to deliver and install the machine for free. We will also stock it for free.

The relationship between ACTIVEND and you is one based on trust. You trust us to keep your vending machine fully stocked, clean and serviced properly. We trust you to have it located in a safe place where it won’t get damaged or misused.

So, from the time you contact us to enjoying the convenience of a new advanced-technology snack, drink or combo vending machine could be as little as 24 hours.

You don’t have pay anything to have an ACTIVEND vending machine on your premises. On the contrary, we will pay you. Refer to Commission & Pricing.