Technically Advanced Snack & Drink Vending Machines

Designed For All Types Of Locations

  • Snack-Only, Drink-Only & Combo Vending Machines
  • Chilled & Refrigerated Types
  • Eco Friendly Designs
  • Simple To Operate
  • Modern Aesthetically Pleasing Designs
  • Remotely Monitored
  • Compact Footprint

Biggest Range In Australia.

ACTIVEND offers more choices. Choose from a complete range of small, medium and large automatic vending machines which have been sourced from the world’s leading suppliers:

Each snack, drink or combo vending machine can be customised to hold exactly the right number of food and/or drink items you desire.

We can organise any combo’ such as:

  • healthy choices with cold drinks…
  • healthy choices with popular snacks and sweets…
  • healthy choices with popular snacks and sweets plus drinks…
  • snacks and sweets only…
  • snacks and sweets with drinks…
  • or drinks only.

You get the idea.

Our snack, drink and combination vending machines are aesthetically pleasing, without any advertising, and feature:

  • Large glass viewing windows for quick selection of products
  • LED lighting
  •  Easy to use keypad (with Braille)
  •  Payment by coins, notes and cards
  •  Versatile adjustable trays
  •  Gravity and automatic arm selector models
  •  Refrigeration to keep drinks cold and food items fresh
  •  Time of day discounting (have “Happy Hour” at your business on selected items)
  •  Time of day shut down to conserve energy
  •  Eco friendly operation
  •  Dual spirals (to prevent chip packets from jamming)

ACTIVEND snack, drink and combo vending machines are powered by standard 240V. They fit through standard doorways and occupy a very small footprint.

For more information download the PDF fact sheets or contact ACTIVEND today.


“It’s a pleasure having ACTIVEND on board. Easy, reliable, friendly.”